Below, we describe the easiest way to get to the campsite. Please read this carefully, or else you'll pass right by.

We are also looking into the possibilities of arranging transport to the campsite. We will come back to this later. Would you like to ride with someone from a certain spot or do you have a spot left in your car? Please let us know.
Public transport
Are you arriving by public transport? Please follow the steps below:
1: Train
Take the train to Assen. Check the current timetables on the website of the NS.

2: Bus
Next, take the bus to Appelscha. The best is to take bus 114 or bus 115, these are going directly. Exit at the busstop ''café Hulst''.

3: By foot
As soon as you exit the bus you walk into the Bruggelaan (at the corner of the café you take a left turn). You keep on walking on this until you enter the Sanatoriumweg, at ''de Kamelenmarkt''. Keep going straight until you see a dirt track going to the right, the Aekingaweg. Folow this until the first opportunity appears to go left: that is the entrance to the camping.
Are you coming by car? In that case you can best drive as mentioned below. 
You can park your car in front of the entrance of the camping, on your right. Follow the signs upon arrival.  
1: From the Wester Es you turn on the Aekingaweg in at the B&B De Posthoorn in Appelscha.

2: Keep on following this road until you are at a crossing. 

3: Take a left turn on the dirt track. 

4: At the first possibility to turn right you take the turn. You have arrived! 

Be aware: you can also arrive from the other side: for that you turn on the Aekingaweg from the Sanatoriumweg. For this, you need to drive quite long on the dirt track that is not always as easy to drive on. So we suggest you take the route mentioned above. 

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