Food on the gathering

All the food is vegan. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will also be completely organic. Do you have any special allergies? Please let us know.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is by donation with an aim of €8.50 per day per person. Can't spare that? Then less is also fine! Do you have a bit more to spend? Then donate more too, so that Le Sabot can cover the costs and they can continue this amazing project!

Between meals, you can also go to the canteen for (vegan) snacks. These are priced separately and you can pay directly there.
Le Sabot
Food will be provided by activist kitchen Le Sabot. An idealistic Dutch-German kitchen run, in a non-hierarchical way, completely by activists. They cook fully vegan and organic on location, in collaboration with the group for which they are cooking. 

Did you know that the word sabotage comes from the French word for wooden shoe ('Le Sabot')? To stop machines, workers would throw in their wooden clogs. 

Le Sabot spearheads the importance of fighting against exploitation, and tries to do their part by cooking at events and protests set up by a wide variety of activist movements.
The cooking is done from a political motivation and not to make a profit. When more money comes in than necessary, it will be donated to idealistic projects.

Are you still looking for a cooking group for your event or potest? Be sure to contact them!

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