Camping tot Vrijheidsbezinning

The Animal Liberation Gathering will take place at the campsite ''tot Vrijheidsbezinning'' in Appelscha. To give you a better idea about the campsite itself, we would like to write a bit more about it.

Are you just as enthousiastic about this place as us, after reading the text below? And would you like to visit the camping or hold your  organisation's event at the campsite? Then take a quick look at the campsite's website for the possibilities!
The campsite
Among activists, this (alcohol-free) campsite is a true gem: set up by anarchists, it is run on the basis of pure idealism. As a result, there is always room for activist movements to organise events. There are numerous of these throughout the year.

The campsite has a canteen, as well as a library. There is also a large room with a stage. For the children, there is some playground equipment and the site is directly connected to the forest. There are also several toilets and showers.
In 1933, the potato field on which the campsite is located was bought by the anarchist movement in order to have its own place where the annual Pinkster-event could be held. 

Since then, with the exception of a few years during the Second World War, you can find the Pinksterlanddagen there every year: an event full of workshops and lectures on anarchism and related activist movements.
The surrounding
The campsite is located on the edge of the Drents-Friese Wold, a Dutch national park. Straight from the campsite you walk into the woods. It's really a lovely place to go for a walk.

In the village itself you can get the necessary groceries.

Are you coming by car and is the weather for enough for a swim? Be sure not to miss out on the nearby Canadameer, where you can swim in a a beautiful natural surroundings.

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