Code of conduct

To make the gathering enjoyable for everyone, some agreements have been made. Are there any points you miss or would like to discuss? Please get in touch with us.
The gathering itself is vegan.  Therefore, please do not bring any animal products.
There is no space for racism, sexism or any other forms of discrimination.
The campsite is alcohol- and drugs-free, please respect this.
Preferably, do not bring a dog. If you do take one with you, only do so if the dog is not causing any trouble (for example: barking) and if the dog is good with other dogs. 
The gathering has been created for and by the movement. Help with that: do you see rubbish or something that is broken? Please clean it.
If anyone is unwilling/unable to abide by the points mentioned above, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the gathering or remove that person from the gathering.

During the gathering, there will be a conflict team to whom you can turn to discuss events, unsafe situations and the like.

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