Close Dolphinarium Harderwijk

Dolphinarium Harderwijk is a famous dolphinarium in the Netherlands. During our campaign to close this dolphinarium their number of visitors has plummeted (partly because of our campaign). More and more people, companies and politicians think there is no future for exploiting mammals in captivity. 
Last year the Dutch government also said the dolphinarium lacks compliance to modern day standards and ordered them to invest in changing their shows and husbandry of the animals or they will lose their permit. Of course, more space and more ‘natural’ enrichment isn’t enough for the animals. The only path for absolute welfare for these animals is a closure of the dolphinarium or a transformation of the park into an educational park or theme park without animal use. The animals should go to a sanctuary.

We are at the brink of change. Countries like France added a law for a phasing out of dolphinaria and our neighboring country Belgium also is close to a phasing out of their dolphinarium. You can help speed up this progress by supporting our campaign and make (another) example of change for the animals. Will you help us make The Netherlands a dolphinarium free country? 

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